Sonoma MMJ Collective
A Medical Marijuana Delivery Service
Serving Sonoma and Napa Valley

10am-7pm Monday through Saturday
10am-3pm Sunday

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Sonoma MMJ Collective is a California unincorporated non-profit association of qualified medical marijuana patients. We operate in full compliance of Prop 215 and SB 420 as well as within the strict guidelines set forth by the CA Attorney General.

Sonoma MMJ Collective was formed in 2010 after its founder was diagnosed with a life-long disease which is commonly known to be helped by daily cannabis use. After obtaining a doctor's medical marijuana recommendation, a California Medical Marijuana ID Card and registering at various dispensaries his observations were that high donation amounts, surveillance cameras and intimidating security personnel were a turn off. These experiences told him this is not the way medical marijuana patients should be treated when obtaining their medicine. Forming Sonoma MMJ Collective began by his desire to help medical marijuana patients who lack transportation, cannot grow for themselves and wish to obtain their medical marijuana privately. It was established to provide a professionally administered and legally structured collective for the benefit of all its members.

Enabling our member patients to obtain medical marijuana by discrete delivery and improving their quality of life in a compassionate way is our mission goal. Providing only the finest medicinal strains grown in harmony with Mother Nature is how we will reach our goal.

Being a true collective, all the medical marijuana of the collective is grown by our collective members for our collective members. That said, we guarantee the medical marijuana you obtain from us are of the finest strains and Prop 215 grown.

Serving our members is what we are all about. We are able to keep our donations competitive because our overhead is low and because we are a non-profit entity. Our delivery staff are mature and friendly and are all Sonoma MMJ Collective members themselves. We welcome you to join us.